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HHow to reach Internationals in NWA

love the foreigner

How to reach Internationals in NWA

"Love the foreigner..." - Deut 10:19



One of the best ways to connect with God’s heart for the world right where you are is by befriending international students - and there are a ton of international students at the University of Arkansas that are looking to make friends with Americans. Even in the midst of the pandemic there are ways to connect with the international students that have come to Fayetteville.

The iFriend program connects international students with all types of friends and families in the NWA community. In participating with iFriend this fall, you are committing to meeting with an international student virtually to provide support and friendship during this isolating time. To be a Friendship Family Host, apply at or visit for more information (there is also more specific information available regarding changes due to COVID available there). They highly encourage those interested to apply by September 1. The iFriend program has led to dozens of transformative relationships - being friends with people that have a different background than you is a beautiful experience! 

Another way you can serve and get connected with the international community in Fayetteville is through Furniture Friends. Furniture Friends exists to help international students and families furnish their apartments during their time here, while also providing connection points for friendships to be made. On Saturday August 22nd from 9-12 there is a big Furniture Friends Serve Day, where furniture will be delivered to international students and the Marshallese community. Social distancing measures will be taken into consideration. If you have a truck, want to move furniture, or simply want to meet some new friends (with no furniture moving required), let Justin know you are coming at 417-342-5004. Text your RSVP and we will confirm the details. 

“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” (Romans 15:7) It is a joy and a privilege to welcome the international community to NWA, we invite you to engage with us in the long, faithful work. 

Global Outfitters is a 510(c)3 non-profit and the missions arm of New Heights Church with the vision to connect people to God's heart for the world.

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