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NWA For The Nations

Northwest Arkansas Missions Conference

Jesus is deserving of the worship and praise of all peoples. This year at NWA for the Nations, join us as we seek to learn together and unify as the body of Christ under the banner of Jesus is worthy.

NWA For The Nations is THE place for churches, campus ministries, & all believers of Northwest Arkansas to unify, equip, & connect the body of Christ to finish the Great Commission for God's glory among the nations. This conference is the place where the body of Christ in NWA can network, grow, & get specific training from the experts in their field.

This two-day conference begins Friday night, November 6th (6pm - 9pm) and continues Saturday the 7th (8am - 5pm). This year's conference is hosted at the Fayetteville Boys and Girls Club. We have great speakers to motivate you with God's word & special breakouts to help you find your place in what God is doing to reach the ends of the earth.

November 6th (6-9 pm) & 7th (8 am-5 pm), 2020
Fayetteville Boys & Girls Club

Students: $19.99
General Admission: $39.99

Ticket includes admittance to the entirety of the conference, snacks, coffee, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, and a grab bag full of take-home resources.

Current overseas missionaries can attend for free! (madison [at] (Contact us) for details.)

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Andy Campman

Andy Kampman

Andy and his wife Jamie live with their four children in Austin, Texas, and are laboring as campus mobilizers to see 20-35 year olds across Texas and the country recruited, trained and connected to strategic involvement in reaching every ethnic people group with the good news of Jesus Christ in our lifetime.

Nathan Allen

Nathan Allen

Nathan is the Director of Global Outfitters and the Global Missions Pastor of New Heights Church and is leading our efforts in mobilizing NWA to take up their role in the Great Commission. Nathan oversees the training and equipping of future global workers as well as global worker care and support while they are on the field. Nathan and his wife Holly have two daughters, Betty and Mary Grace.

Lori McDaniel

Lori McDaniel

Lori McDaniel has been a global mission catalyst for over 25 years. Her heart for discipleship and the nations has led her to over 30 countries, working with global workers, indigenous leaders, and mobilizing churches to participate in God's global mission. Before committing to write and speak full time, Lori worked at the International Mission board as a marketing manager for 7 years and served overseas in Africa for 4 years with her husband and their 3 children. Upon returning to the States they planted Grace Point Church in Bentonville, Arkansas where Mike is currently Sr. Pastor. She has an MA in Intercultural Studies leads in training up leaders and activating people to participate in God's mission.

Claude Hickman

Claude Hickman

Claude Hickman is the Executive Director of The Traveling Team. Today Claude oversees the three teams that continue to tour the U.S. challenging students to become the next 100,000 goers and senders. He now lives with his family in Southern California, and continues to develop leaders, speak, and awaken God's people to God's purpose.

Andy Petry

Andy Petry

Andy serves as the Ministry Leader for Celebrate Recovery at Fellowship Fayetteville and works to help those that are struggling with a variety of personal dysfunction, addictions, and the effects of life’s hurt to find hope and lasting freedom through Jesus. He helps to facilitate trainings and conferences to equip and encourage Celebrate Recovery leaders and his passion is discipling men who struggle with Sexual Addiction to help them embrace freedom through Christ. Andy and his wife Julia are expecting their daughter, Harper, this November.

Brian Holmquist

Brian Holmquist

Brian’s life began as a missionary kid in Brazil, but he and his family moved back to Wisconsin when he was 9 years old. Upon graduating from high school, Brian attended college in Wisconsin and graduated with a degree in Secondary Mathematics. In the following years, he met his wife, Andrea. Together they attended the Ethnos360 (formerly known as New Tribes Mission) missionary training center. Soon after, Brian and Andrea moved to a remote tribe in Papua New Guinea to learn the language and culture of the Bagwido people. Over the next 15 years, they and their coworkers planted a functioning church that continues to grow to this day. In 2018 Brian, Andrea, and their four children moved to Missouri where he now teaches at the Ethnos360 training center. Brian is passionate about sharing God’s word through his speaking, and he has a heart for young people to follow the Lord’s calling in their lives.

Main Session - Friday Night

Jesus is Worthy: God's Heart for All Nations

Why are we here?  What is the purpose of God, the Church, and you?  Dig into God's word with Andy Kampman.

Jesus is Victor: Covid 19 and Missions

Where has the gospel yet to go?  How do we finish what is left, especially in the season of COVID? The workers just got fewer... -- Nathan Allen


Main Session - Saturday Morning

Jesus is Near: Intimacy with Jesus

Oftentimes we can get more excited about the mission than we are Jesus.  He is the deep well where we must run, the treasure of our hearts and the most secret place - fostering an intimate walk with Jesus is the core reason for which we were created and the only way the mission will succeed. -- Lori McDaniel

Jesus is Lord: How to Find God's Purpose for your Life

How does our passion meet with our purpose in God's Plan? Based on a mix of his books (It's All Backwards, Live Life on Purpose), we must know the heart of God, the needs of the world & the skills God has given you.  -- Claude Hickman


Main Session - Saturday Night

Jesus is Holy: Leading with Integrity

The success of missions is tied to our personal holiness and purity. We must throw off anything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles in order to be able to run the race that has been set out before you (Hebrews 12:1-3). -- Andy Petry 

Jesus is Worth It: A Thriving Church for Every People

The church is the bride of Christ, and Jesus is worthy of the worship of His bride in every tribe, tongue, and nation.  The church is the bride of Christ, and Jesus is worthy of the worship of His bride in every tribe, tongue, and nation. A thriving church is the goal for all people groups, but can only be done by thriving churches here at home.  -- Brian Holmquist


Breakout Session 1:

BAM 101: Business and Mission

Can business be Missional?  Can business disciple the nations?  In this breakout we will see the power of redemptive business and how it changes the world. We’ll hear from local businessmen as they share their experience in the business of the great commission.


Our God is a god who seeks justice. We see that in scripture, we know it is true of His character. As followers of Jesus it is imperative that we are involved in taking light to the darkest places of injustice. We will address the hard realities of human trafficking, systemic injustices, violations of human rights; globally and domestically. But chiefly, we will be looking at how we can practically live out Biblical justice like it says in Isaiah 1:17; “learn to do what is right; seek justice. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” 

Caring for Workers

Missionary care is more than just teaching self care. Knowing how to show care and affection for people living radically different lives from you is hard, and often messy. We have gathered women who have decades of experience in either receiving missionary care or giving it (or both!), and they will teach on how you can be better equipped for caring for missionaries.

History of Missions

If you don’t know the history of missions, you are likely to make the same mistakes as those who have gone before. There is so much to be learned and gleaned from these heroes of the faith, and we can be inspired by their stories.

Hinduism in NWA

Because of our globalized community, there are now thousands of practicing Hindus that have made Northwest Arkansas their home. Hinduism is a complex religion and worldview, one that can be intimidating to interact with. This breakout will be led people that have worked overseas and locally with Hindus to teach on the practices of Hinduism, as well as how we can engage with them as our neighbors here in NWA.

Breakout Session 2:

BAM 102:  Redemptive Business

Hear from a panel of business leaders who see the great value of business people with a vision for mission. Hear successes (and failures) of starting businesses in hard to reach places, and why an untapped sending force can flow through the workplace. 

Father Heart of God & Missions

Chiefly our identity on this earth is daughters and sons of the Most High. We cannot let our identity be defined by “missionary” or “stateside christian”, and we certainly cannot let how we understand Gods love for us be dependent on what we do. We will unpack understanding God as our Father, specifically our understanding of a Father who is inviting us into the family business of making disciples of all nations. 

Intercultural Communications

Our own cultural blinders can oftentimes get in the way when living overseas. Daniel Rupp lived in China for 20 years and has firsthand experienced the breakdown between foreign missionaries and nationals if clear intercultural communication is not understood and pursued. Learn from him and his PhD.


There are approximately 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, which is 24% of the worlds population - but most peoples understanding of the Islamic faith is misled. In this breakout, you can expect to learn about the religion of Islam, and also how to engage Muslim people with the kindness of Jesus.

Start Now

Life on the field will only change your point on a map. The life you live now will be the life you take with you. This breakout will discuss the ways you can orient your life now to befriend internationals, learn language, abide in Jesus’ love, develop an intimate prayer life, and how these practices will set you up and sustain you overseas.

Breakout Session 3:

Women in Missions

Women are 70% of the mission field, yet we rarely hear their stories. In this breakout we will hear stories of pioneer missions women as well as testimonies from women in different life stages that are currently involved with missions.

China: What's Next?

Understanding China and all of its facets is complicated. Learn about the Christian response to US and Chinese foreign relations, China post COVID-19, nonreligious and Buddhist worldview, and other FAQ (including: didn’t all of the missionaries get kicked out?)

The Refugee Crises: What do we know & what should we do?

There are over 70 million refugees world wide. This is a global crises, only made worse by a global pandemic. Most refugees have been violently forced from their homes, with more than 60 million of the global refugees coming from war torn countries. The Bible says to welcome the foreigner, and to care for the fatherless, but what does that look like? This will be a geopolitical and spiritual look at the crises that is changing what missions to the unreached in certain areas of the world looks like.

Money & Mi$$ion$

Managing and stewarding your finances is not just for those who plan to go overseas. As a sender or a goer, learning how to leverage your finances for the furthering of the gospel going to all nations is so important. We will cover how to budget, pay off debt, raise support, and give you practical advice on how to honor the Lord with your finances.

Salt & Light Training

Talking about our faith with our friends, family and coworkers can be really intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! When Jesus is our treasure, words of love and affection about Him spill out of us. This will be a workshop on why we should engage with others about our faith, and how we can practically do that.

Pastors / Ministers Roundtable

A time for ministry workers only! If you are a pastor, ministry staff person, or on the missions committee at your church, please come to this round table breakout where we will connect, encourage, and challenge each other. There is one Body.  Let's work together!

What about covid 19?  

This conference will be meeting in person.  In light of Covid-19, we are asking all attendees of the conference to wear a facemask while attending the conference.  

What if I can’t attend the whole conference?

For security reasons, every person has to purchase a ticket for the whole conference. Unfortunately we cannot offer half ticket prices for those who can only attend portions of the conference.

What meals are provided?

We will provide snacks Friday night, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, as well as coffee throughout the conference!

I'm a missionary. Can I get a discount?

Current overseas missionaries can attend the conference for free! Just madison [at] (contact us) to confirm your eligibility and get details on how to register.

Do you need help at the conference?

Yes! We are looking for volunteers to help in a bunch of different ways. If you serve as a volunteer you can attend the conference for a discount. madison [at] (Contact us) for details.

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