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Conference Childcare

NWA for the Nations is offering free childcare* for attending families this year! Childcare will
include organized activities, snacks and lunch, and engaging missions curriculum for your
children. Our loving, experienced childcare workers (all background-checked) will take care of
your kiddos and teach them about God’s heart for the nations while you are at the conference.

Space is limited!

  • Friday Night: Elementary only
  •  Saturday: Birth – Elementary

*First 2 registered children FREE; $30 for any additional child



 Chick-fil-A will be provided for all children 2 years and older**

o Regular chicken nuggets 
o Waffle potato chips 
o Fruit 
o Chocolate chip cookies 

 List of snacks to be provided: 

o Pretzels, animal crackers, cheerios, popcorn 
o Assorted fruits and veggies, GoGo Squeeze 
o String cheese 

*If your child has any food allergies or restrictions, or you would like your child to
have food other than those listed, we ask that you send snacks and lunch with
your child. Also, please fill out this form so we are aware of any food restrictions
or preferences.  
** For children under 2 years old, please provide food. If you leave milk with your baby, please
give staff and specific feeding instructions/times.


Subject to change​

Friday (Elementary only) 

              Movie Night! We will be showing a kid-friendly, missions-relevant movie for all
elementary students Friday night. Snacks will be provided. 

Saturday (Birth - Elementary)

View Schedule Chart


Christian Life Cathedral has generously allowed the conference to use their designated
childcare rooms and facilities. Children ages 0 -3 will be in the Early Childhood wing (3
classrooms), PreK and Kindergarten will be in the Kindergarten wing (3 classrooms), and
Elementary students will be in the Elementary wing (3 classrooms + a Sensory Room).

The church’s playground may be used if whether permits.

You can register all of your children for childcare, but only your first 2 children are free. After
that, you will be charged a total of $30 for any addition children.

Yes, there is a nursing room. If you need to feed your child, please provide your Guardian
Receipt and feel free to use the nursing room. The main sessions of the conference can be
live streamed in the nursing room so you don’t miss them!

If your child has allergies or food restrictions, we ask that you send them with their own snacks
and lunch. Also please fill out this form so that we are aware of any food restrictions. This
information will be shared with the childcare staff and printed on your child’s name tag.


When you sign up for childcare, your information (name, phone number, home address, and e-
mail) will be paired with your child’s information. When you check your child in at the
conference, we will ask for confirmation of your information. Then, you will be given two items:

1. Your child’s personalized name tag, which includes their name, age, and any food
restrictions or other accommodations. This tag will also have a unique Pickup Number.
2. Your Guardian Receipt, which includes your name, your child’s name, and the same
Pickup Number.

At the end of the day, you will be asked to provide your Guardian Receipt(s) in order to pickup
your child(ren). Please hold on to this receipt until the end of the day and do not share your
Pickup Number with anyone. If you do misplace your receipt, go back to your child’s check-in
location and re-supply your information to get a new one.

Parents with multiple children: you will be given Guardian Receipts for each registered child,
each with a unique Pickup Number.

We will have security guards posted at all 3 childcare areas (Early Childcare, PreK/Kindergarten,
and Elementary). Security will confirm that all students have name tags and that their parents
have corresponding Guardian Receipts. No one will be allowed into the childcare areas without
a Guardian Receipt.

All childcare staff is background checked and trained on our specific procedures and protocols.

We understand that this is a long conference and a long time away from your kiddo! Parents
will be permitted to eat with their children during lunchtime if they wish or stop by throughout
the day to check on them (Guardian Receipt will be required).

In case of an emergency, such as an injury or illness, we will contact you immediately by calling
the mobile number given at registration. If we cannot contact you, an announcement will be
made in the main session or breakout rooms.
In less urgent situations, such as a younger child who cannot be calmed down or a child
continually disrupting/distracting other students, we will send a text message to the mobile
number provided. If the situation continues, we will call you and make an announcement in the
session(s) if we cannot contact you (see above).

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