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Conference Schedule

Friday, October 21st:

4:00 PM - Doors Open

6:00 PM - Main Session 1

8 :00 PM - Agency Fair

Saturday, October 22nd:

7:30 AM - Doors Open

8:00 AM - Main Session 2

10:30 AM -  3 Ministry Tracts: Global, Local, & Marketplace.

12:30 PM - Lunch 

1:00 PM - Agency Fair

1:45 PM - Breakouts 

3:15 PM - Main Session 3 


*Approximate Schedule


Scatter Global 

Want to know how and where to use your job overseas? Come learn through Scatter Global how you can use what you are doing now for building the Kingdom. Come Learn!

Raising Your Kids with a Heart for the Nations

Are you looking for ways to grow your child's heart for the nations? Hear from a couple of parents that are equipping their kids to learn more of what it means to pray, learn and teach about God's heart for the all people and fulfilling the Great Commission.

Why Language Learning Matters

Feel called to live cross-culturally and live among another people group? Learn why learning language is such an important step as you prepare to build relationships and share the gospel with a particular people group. 

TCK (Third Culture Kid)

Children of families  that live overseas that lived most of their lives in another or multiple countries besides their passport country are labeled as TCK or Third Culture Kid. Come learn more about TCK's and how their experiences are shaped by where they grew up.

Ask a Missionary

Want to have the an opportunity to ask a missionary all kinds of questions? Come join others to who also aspire to learn more from those who have or who are currently living cross-culturally.

Self-Care as a Missionary

Living cross-culturally is not only an adjustment but it also truly comes with hardship and trials. We believe it is so important to stay healthy as you continue to live on the field. If you are a current global worker, please come and learn healthy habits and ways of self care as a missionary.

Cultural Communication

Living among another people group and culture is not only different, but the way you communicate is also going to be different. Come learn the importance of learning to communicate well in way that fits the culture you are living in.

Barriers to a Healthy Sending Church

Are you wondering what are the hurdles of a church being a church that sends people overseas? Come learn what those barriers are and how to become a healthy sending church.

Biblical Basis of Missions 2.0

Are you wanting to learn the foundational understanding of missions and why God has a heart for the nations and why we should too? Come learn the Biblical Basis of Missions.

Singleness & Missions

Do you feel called overseas? Are you single? How do you wrestle with being single on the mission field? Learn about what life looks like living overseas as a single global worker.

Tribal Living

Have you wondered what it is like to live overseas among tribal people? How to start a church in a tribal culture? Come hear and talk to global workers that have or do live in a tribal culture.


Come learn more about the country and culture of Ukraine as well as what is happening in the country right now.

Redemptive Entrepreneurship

Are you called to create and innovate as an entrepreneur and desire to advance the Kingdom of God through what you establish? Discover redemptive entrepreneurship!

On Mission at Work

Are you called to work, love your vocation and desire to live On Mission in your workplace? Discover real marketplace mission theology and effective approaches to impact the people, places and spaces where God has established you. 

Global Outfitters is a 510(c)3 non-profit and the missions arm of New Heights Church with the vision to connect people to God's heart for the world.

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