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Missional Community

missional community

Missional Community is where we become less inward focused and more active in sharing Christ with our neighbors!

The community meets twice a week, once to pray together for the nations, our country and those whom we are ministering, and to meet to share Christ with those around us.

These will be people we know and already have relationship with and people we are just meeting.

Evangelism does not happen effectively without community. So we come together and go out together, just as Jesus exemplified with his disciples.

To find out more, connect with Nate White at nate [at]

Mission Cohort

We are so excited to start our Mission Cohorts back up this Fall, find more details below!

Missions Cohort

Why do we have the Missions Cohort?

As Global Outfitters our goal is to educate and equip the Church in Northwest Arkansas so that it can fulfill its responsibility in finishing the Great Commission.

Cross-cultural global work takes a lot of time and effort. Learn and discuss the intricacies of global missions with like-minded individuals.

That being said, we desire to provide any equipping opportunities for those starting the process of going overseas and we hope through this Cohort, each person will feel more prepared for the mission field.

What does the Cohort look like?

The Cohort will plan to meet one Friday every month!

You will have the chance to hear from experts on different kinds of topics. Here are some we covered in the Spring & Fall

January - Theology Triage

March - Theology of Suffering

April - Conflict

May - Finances

September - What is/Isn't Missions

October - Transformation by Aviation is a Lie

November - The Gospel and Works

December - Abiding in Christ

Spring Mission Cohorts 2024 Dates:

(Topics to be shared soon)

January 19th

February 9th - Salt & Light Training

March 1st

April 5th

May 3rd

All of our Cohorts fall on Friday evenings from 6-8pm at the Global Outfitters Offices (2844 N. College Ave.)


Global Outfitters is a 510(c)3 non-profit and the missions arm of New Heights Church with the vision to connect people to God's heart for the world.

Visit us at 2844 N College Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72703



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