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MMarkaz Learning Center

Markaz is a multi-functional facility. At this center we have a guest house area where teams can stay. It has a men and women’s dorm style sleeping area, two bathrooms, a full kitchen and two meeting rooms. Markaz also hosts training at the facility for ministry outreach, vocation, arts, and education. There are two workspaces at Markaz where refugees come to produce hand crafted items that are sold in a showroom at the facility.

Thank you for joining in our mission to “be hope" to refugees by providing valuable skills that they can use to provide for their families.

In 1995 over a million Iraqis had to flee their country because of the conflict in Iraq. Half of them fled to Jordan in hope to protect their families from the violence. Although Jordan provided a temporary home for the Iraqi people, the government did not allow them to work in Jordan. This left half a million Iraqi refugees with no job, no purpose, and no way to provide for their families. In Jordan today there are over four million refugees from surrounding countries: Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and more. 

Fawzy and Linda Attia, the founders of Karis Kraft, first realized the desperate need for jobs among Iraqi refugees in 1995, when they met an Iraqi family that struggled to regularly attend church because of the cost of transportation (which was less than a dollar). Fawzy and Linda were led to help this family by giving the mother work. She knew how to cross-stitch, so they bought her supplies and had her make cow banner for their 5-year-old son. After this project, the mother asked if they had any more work for her. Linda came up with an idea to have her make “Jesus bookmarks” for the church. This simple attempt to help a friend in need, grew into the impactful ministry it is today. 

Over 20 years later Karis Kraft has grown into a ministry that has helped provide hope with dignity to refugees from across the globe. They focus on training and developing skills that people can use to provide for their families.  Every person trained at Karis Kraft has a story. They have fled their home countries due to war and are seeking a new life.  Some of the biggest needs of refugees are employment, job skills, and to be a productive part of society. Karis Kraft desires to provide for these needs. In keeping with Fawzy and Linda Attia’s vision, Terry and Melissa Rhodes founders of Al-Beit Ministries desire to provide work, training, and quality products moving forward with Karis Kraft as Markaz.

Terry and Melissa Rhodes founders of the NGO, AlBayt Ministries Inc., have worked in the Middle East since 2008. Refugee Aid Mission, Markaz, Refugee Family Aid, and Setting Captives Free are the different aspects of AlBayt. AlBayt began as a youth outreach/coffee and tutoring center in Bethlehem when Terry and Melissa saw the need for youth work where 70% of the population was under the age of 20. Due to conflict and the influx of refugees in Jordan, they were led to lead teams and do outreach work with refugees. Today they live and do work in Jordan facilitating training and learning at Markaz, teams from the U.S., home visits to refugee families with local churches, and Mary Muroki with prison ministry of setting captive women free.

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