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JJordan Prison Ministry

In Jordan, many refugee women are in prison because they run away from their “employers.” They left African countries under the understanding that they would work cleaning homes and being nannies for Jordanian families. However, many of them find themselves in abusive situations: passports taken away, not allowed to leave the home, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and no pay. Out of desperation, they run away from the home. When the Jordanian police pick them up off the streets, they take them to be held in detention for not having their passports. Refugee Aid Mission and a woman named Mama Mary work to provide for needs of these prisoners, help them negotiate with their “employers” for their passports, and help the women get plane tickets back to their countries.

Thank you for being a part of being hope to women prisoners. Your gifts provide plane tickets and materials for training.

Mama Mary came to Jordan as a domestic worker from Kenya. She loves Jesus and is obedient to Him. She saw many young African women suffer abuse and injustice as domestic workers. She has helped hundreds of women imprisoned in Jordan. She helps them process out of prison, helps provide them with needs, visits them while they are in prison, and gets plane tickets for them to return to their home countries. content

Mary and Melissa were given permission by the Department of Correction in Jordan to go into the women's prison and do development training. Topics for training include: bead and wire jewelry making, mosaic making, cooking classes, tie jewelry making, business and leadership classes, and other arts and crafts.

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