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WWho We Are

Our Purpose

Why We Exist

4 out of 5 lost people in the world who are lost have never met a Christian. There are thousands of people groups in the world that are cut off from the saving power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All believers have a part to play in God’s awesome plan to reach all the nations but many feel unqualified and unsure of what to do. We want to change that.

The purpose of Global Outfitters is to educate and equip the Church in Northwest Arkansas so that it can fulfill its responsibility in finishing the Great Commission.

Global Outfitters is THE resource for churches and ministries in NWA to network, unite, and equip the Body in all things that have to do with finishing the great commission. Through classes, structured training programs, internships, and other global ministries, we want to help people find their place in God’s plan to reach the world.

Mission & Vision

We believe three things when it comes to YOU and the World:

God wants you

1. God wants you to be involved.

God loves you and has an awesome plan for your life. As a kind and gracious Father, he invites us to be involved in what he is doing - he longs to see his own glory established across the entire world. In Revelation 7:9, we see that there will be representatives from every tribe, tongue, and nation around the throne, worshiping the Lamb. In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus tells us that in his authority we get to be part of seeing that global worship come to fruition. It is a beautiful privilege to get to partner with Jesus and countless saints that have come before in order to see the glory and worship of God established in every corner of the world.

Your unique role

2. You have a unique role in God’s kingdom.

We believe that God made YOU special and unique.  He gave you specific things to do (Ephesians 2:10).  You have skills and gifts that are needed in God’s important global work!  For most of us, that means being faithful wherever we are: being faithful givers, welcomers, and sharers, to the international people around us.  For some of us, God may want us to take his Kingdom where it is not, in places in the world that are difficult.  Missionaries are not just preachers or some special class of super-Christian.  They are business people, teachers, medical workers, and others, using their passions and skills for God’s Kingdom, just in a different location. Whatever role God has for you in his Kingdom, you need to know that it is important and needed.  

We can help

3. We can help you find your place in God’s plan.

Doing your best Kingdom work for the Lord is a journey that takes time and energy to grow into.  It’s a big world and there is a lot to do.  Getting trained and educated is necessary to make the biggest impact on the world for the Lord.  When it comes to God’s global Kingdom work, most Christians don’t know what they don’t know.  We at Global Outfitters want you to find the best fit for you.  Whether it's making disciples in your workplace, learning more about the world and world religions, serving internationals and refugees, or finding the best sending organization for you to go overseas with, we want to help you find your place in God’s plan. Contact us to get involved.

Our Story

How Global Outfitters began.

Years ago, the leadership at New Heights Church took a missions course called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.  That class forever changed the trajectory of our church. We long to see Jesus glorified among every tribe, tongue and nation, and this holy longing drives much of our decision making as a church. It dictates our finances, our teaching, and our partnerships. Out of this heart, Global Outfitters was created as both the missions arm of New Heights Church and a stand-alone missions organization, so that we may more effectively help our own people get overseas, as well as also being a missions resource for the wider Jesus-following community around us. 

Global Outfitters is a 510(c)3 non-profit and the missions arm of New Heights Church with the vision to connect people to God's heart for the world.

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